Stanford University: Most Famous Students of All Time

Stanford University: Most Famous Students of All Time

Stanford University is among the best and the brightest academic campus around the world whose students stand out for their academic excellence. Here are top ten most famous Stanford students of all time.


Mukesh Ambani

Shri Mukesh D. Ambani, the Asia’s richest resident heading petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries and No. 4 in 2010 Forbes world’s billionaires list, used to be a student of Stanford University. The businessman first purchased to Chemical Engineering degree from Institute Of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai. Then, he moved to Stanford University, USA for his MBA. Mukesh Ambani is predicted to be the richest man in the world in 2014.

Mukesh Ambani


Tiger Woods

Tiger was the first person to receive a full scholarship on golf course in 1994


Larry Page

The co-founder of Google studied for a doctorate degree in the mid 1990s where he met Google’s other co-founder Sergey Brin. Both Stanford students dropped out and launched Google from a garage


Reese Witherspoon

The “America’s Sweetheart” Reese Witherspoon attended the English literature at Stanford in the mid-1990s before being on leave in 1996


Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton first studied chemistry at Stanford then she switched for history


Fred Savage

The American actor and producer Fredrick Savage had a B.A. from Stanford with a degree in English in 1999


Sergey Brin

The co-founder of Google Sergey Brin learned mathematics and computer science in University of Maryland 1993 before coming to Stanford with a graduate fellowship


Rachel Maddow

American television host and political commentator Rachel Maddow graduated from Stanford in 1994 in public policy


Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel, founder of Clarium Capital and PayPal, attended the law department in Stanford


Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings was a Stanford student of computer science and he established the Netflix ten years later


Mukesh Ambani: Most Famous Stanford Student of All Time


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