Science, Medicine And Biotech At DLD12

Science, Medicine And Biotech At DLD12

Recently discovered worlds, complex city plans, intelligent automobiles and how the digital revolution influences health From January 22nd to the 24th, top-class speakers will discuss the economy, politics, WOW Gold art and culture in addition to science, medicine and biotech during the “Digital-Life-Design” conference in Munich. “Family Talks” is the name of the panel on which the world-renowned physicist Freeman Dyson and his children, George Dyson, historian of technology, and Angel investor Esther Dyson, will appear. Andrian Kreye (SZ Feuilleton) will moderate the panel and will attempt nothing less than to trace the composition of genius.

The Bulgarian scientist Dimitar Sasselov, Harvard Professor of Astrophysics and member of the Kepler Mission, discovered the planet Kepler 22b.

The planet is two and a half times as large as the Earth. He will present his book “Life on Super-Earths” at DLD. Rupert Stadler (CEO, Audi), Christian Ude (Mayor, Munich), Pedro Miranda (Siemens) and Architect Carlo Ratti (MIT SensAble Lab) will speak about the rapid urbanization that demands ecologically, socially and logistically smart solutions. Sebastian Thrun, Professor for Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, helped develop “Street View” as a Google engineer, and is now in charge of the project “Driverless Car,” which is already being tested in normal traffic. He will give a lecture entitled “Smarter than you think.”

Additional speakers at DLD: David Agus, renowned cancer researcher and personal physician to Steve Jobs, will present quotes from his new book “The End of Illness.” Hosain Rahman’s gadgets (CEO, Jawbone) make it possible for people to take care of their own health in a more playful and therefore more conscious way. Oliver Medvedik, Bio-Tech-Doctor, will demonstrate how programming and hacking will change biotechnology. Lisa Randall (Professor for theoretical physics, Harvard University), Jure Leskovec (Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Sanford University), Hilary Mason (Scientific leader, and Tan Le (Founder and CEO, Emotiv Lifesciences) will discuss their insights on various panels.


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