Politics 101- The Five Rules Politicians Forget

Politics 101- The Five Rules Politicians Forget

There are five basic rules politicians tend to forget. Here are the five rules:

1. The office you seek is not about you. This is one downfall of most of today’s politicians. Politics is about public office and the politician is a public servant. The constituent voted for you to serve them. Whether you like it or not, you are a servant of the people who elected you to be their representative. Some politicians use their office to work with lobbyists to pass bills that may have a negative affect on the electorate. Corruption is one of the primary down fall for most of today’s politicians. Kickbacks, pork spending, and even nepotism (in some cases) are just a few negative things that plague today’s politician.

2. Be candid, honest and forth-right. Nothing is etched in stone except paying taxes and death. Having said that, I would like to say that if you see a problem down the “road” don’t lie to the people or cover the truth.

Lying to the people is the worst thing a politician can do. However, there are some politicians who simply cannot tell the truth. They find every possible excuse in the books to lie to us without regret. They will never admit their faults nor will they ever speak the truth. There is an old saying; “every rope has an end” and what this simply means is that you can fool some of the people some of the time , but you can’t fool those very people all the time.

3. Communicate and interact with your electorate. Integrity and accountability are the key components to your office. When you communicate effectively with your constituent and interact with them you will always be electable. Having an “open door” policy is vital and it must be consistent. Your interaction with the electorate will boost their confidence in you. There may times when you may make mistakes and since you communicate and interact with your constituent effectively, they will show compassion and understanding towards you; providing you don’t break the law or misuse your power while in office.

4. Share your experience. Write your memoirs, share you story for all to read. Allow people to see you as a regular person. Let them see you as an individual who can cry, laugh, listen, work hard, and is capable of doing simple things as well as complex tasks. Connecting to people is key therefore, you should never be viewed as a person who is simply out of touch. The worst thing you can do is to pretend. Don’t fake your resume to the people, someone who know you well, may expose you and this may be your downfall.

5. Show leadership and responsibility at all times. These are the most important attributes for any politician. Leadership can be a learned skilled but it is easily forgotten when ego takes over. On the other hand, responsibility cannot be taught it is part of one’s character. Honesty, leadership and responsibility are the three hallmarks for being a good politician. Being a good patriot and an exemplary citizen are also values that should not be over looked. Being a leader also means that you understand world politics (since the world is now more of a global village) and you are not intimidated or over-whelmed by the complexity of negative things that are happening in the world today.

Politics can definitely be a nasty “game” especially when lies and deceit take a primary position in a politician’s life. These five effective tools are not new but may serve as a reminder to all politicians and would be politicians alike. Every job has its own code of ethics and protocol; politics requires high ethical standards. Sometimes, personal issues such as; one’s religion, race, gender, sexual preference, habits (mainly bad), financial status, and even the family you may be born in may affect your political quest. Finally, it is important to note that politics is a process which embodies people serving other people. It is the minority serving the majority and not the opposite way around.

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