O P Bhatnagar – A Poet of Political Awakening

O P Bhatnagar is one of the most significant reviews of Local indian native British poetry whose choices Considered Poems (1976), Feeling Previous (1977), Angels of Vacation (undated), The Sensible Landscapes, Oneric Concepts, Eye dark areas in Floodlight (1984) and Chilling Flame of Night (2001) bespeak of government attention of the poet. As it is apparent cut confirmed fact that Local indian native British poetry can never keep away from the socio-political atmosphere of Indian and romantics who do not make under only one system but rather begin a discussion between ‘man and man’ so Bhatnagar too provides with a wide range of issues of our group and condition guidelines. Dr. A.N. Dwivedi comments:
“Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends a tremendous wide range of designs which directly concentrate on the long liness of his encounter and the solemnity of his contribution in the issues of way of lifestyle.” (CIE217)
Bhatnagar’s dealing with of government concept is more organization and larger than any other Local indian native British poet for he has shifted almost all the aspects of government scenario. Dr.V.K.Singh observes: “We find out in Bhatnagar a honest analysis of the key elements of latest way of lifestyle. Bhatnagar descants upon extensive range aspects of government way of lifestyle as existing currently. No essential operate goes out his extremely essential eye. Bhatnagar holes begin the bosom of several government riddles. He eye-catching decorative mirrors before us what is what of all government issues.” (152)
Themes like choice, bribery, legal action, criminalization of condition guidelines, extensive bribery among the management degrading character of national management, division of group by communalism, castism, linguism, and regionalism etc and the finish lack of concepts in condition guidelines are shifted by the poet in a incredibly sensitive and fantastically interesting way which is still not being surpassed by any poet of Local indian native British Poetry. His announcement that ‘Indian Poetry in British has to be Indian’ cannot be ignored if we wish to promote Local indian native Fictional performs. Merely copying and dealing with the British and British Fictional performs is insufficient because Local indian native sensation is not being affected by the penury of ideas, feelings and sensation and because it has its platform energy and conversation of potentiality. Dr. R.C. Sharma is right when he says:
“The reason why Bhatnagar followers creating Local indian native Poetry in British is beset with conflicts and concerns; and these conflicts and issues are usually Local indian native. Bhatnagar understands of the milieu in which the Local indian native poet in British way of life as well as of the liability which the Local indian native poet in British has to execute.”(79)
O.P.Bhatnagar has managed a wide range of designs like group attention, government attention, really like, functions, perspective and Indianness. According to Dr. A. N. Dwivedi:
Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends a tremendous wide range of designs, which directly concentrate on the largeness of his experienceand the solemnityof his contribution in the issues of his way of lifestyle. (CIE,217)
In this way Bhatnagar understands of the speed and warm wide range of his periods and accordingly orchestrates his poetry. Bhatnagar’s dealing with the concept of condition guidelines is extensive range and actual. The various group issues that agrivate the moral sensation of man are the subjects of his poetry and he tries to throw essential volumes of light on all of them. S.C.Bose observes:
“The poetry of O.P.Bhatnagar which has indeed many dimensions is also essential as poetry of government attention.” (V. V., 29)
The honest analysis of the fact of latest way of lifestyle, and the awesome delineation make his poetry stunning and eye-catching. According to Bhatnagar:
“Most of the essential locations of the way of lifestyle nowadays are managed by the quality of government way of lifestyle and atmosphere are creating and residing. State policies nowadays has modified our religious technique of way of lifestyle. We are fast becoming engaged with a kind of nationalism that may figure out our aspect and responsibilities in the creating of the success of our Nation later on.” (RC, ‘Introduction’, 8)
According to Bhatnagar:
Indian poetry in British should mainly problem to group and government way of lifestyle of the individuals of Indian and it, ‘must democratize its issues and connections to group and make it a source of allocated goals…it must throw light on the destruction and legal action corroding information. It must discuss of the finish decrease of ethics, the gloom and the issues pervading the Nationwide scenery.” (RC, ‘Introduction’9)
Poetry for Bhatnagar is a continuous look for and make an effort to indicate for a better socio-political way of lifestyle .to him, it is ‘a self conscious art established and cool by continuous practice-refined and retouched by way of the perspective. Like way of lifestyle itself, it is the execute of a farmer who after removing all fresh weeds cultivates it to last growth and flourishing. As such there is no effect of any particular technique on his poetry. It is entirely his own- a personal analysis inspired by atmosphere, age categories, periods and above all by personal scenario.
The first choice of Bhatnagar Considered Poems (1976) has lots of poetry of government attention. The poetry complete of believed content lack in feelings like that of adoring romantics but the first poetry of the choice finds out the process of elegant growth. Bhatnagar writes:
“Poetry’s importance Like a deity in enshrined Conditions upon terms, the developing create.” (T.P, 5)
Bhatnagar delivers sufficient light on the question concerning God who cannot be resolved out in going throughout the temple by the worshipper. God is a importance and deity enshrined with regards to poetry, the professional alone can expound and look for for Him out:
“We may go circular and throughout the temple Yet never be around God. We may go circular and rand an concept Yet never be around a notion.” (ibid. 5)
In one of his poetry, he predictions the long run as disappointing as the present:
“The upcoming looks cleaned out Like the blossoms of exotic after starting The group from bars, brothels and night clubs Flavorful of betting homes and underworld Convert principles, concepts and advantages to ice-cream Licked by fun adoring childness in cones.” (T.P, 10)
In the poetry ‘The new Scale’ Bhatnagar tries to strike balance between one male’s meat is another male’s poisons. The poet finds the dictum used out in the modern perspective ‘a simple and honest man actions way of lifestyle in value spoons as he finds showing can be discovered to be the meanest way of life’. The noticeable fact of way of lifestyle can be seen as:
“A simple, honest man In a used out technique May still himself find out Determining way of lifestyle in value spoons Bribery, legal action and forgery
For him, a distressing poisons be.” (T.P., 12)
Bhatnagar wishes to opine that the a individuals who produce success are the little problem with the attention with their other individuals, nor do they feel any immorality in doing quite contrary to the value of execute. In another poetry ‘A Woe of Wonder’, Bhatnagar provides our feelings and despairing mind-set. The poet regret the wide range, disintegration that our country provides nowadays. The concentrate of the poet is nothing but Nationality, one sensation and one mind-set. This concept is consisting by the poet as:
“Our is a multiheaded country Looking in no particular direction Trimurti is an all extensive perspective From here to long term improved Informing the tale of our frivolity.” (T.P., 14)
Similarly in the poetry ‘The Connections of Nation Care’ the poet reviews on the dedication and patriotism of those Indians who have been collecting reflection, success and conceit by their services to the countries to which they have immigrated. These so known as dedicated individuals and identified patriots examine out Indian for their own cause:
“Loyal individuals incredibly satisfied of patriots Never ignore the appropriate proper their country And fly at home every now and then Either to select a new new bride like a elegant royal prince Or buy of ones country a precious stone of a place Putting their kingdom in a security of categories Surrounded with the dedicated assurance with a wink That although they don’t are aspect of the united states It sure linked with their kingdom.” (T. P., 15)
The second choice Feeling Previous has also some poetry of government attention. Bhatnagar despite dealing with the condition guidelines in an indirect way hardly is not able to pin point very uncommon phenomena that somehow stay unseen from the eye of even those who have particular in the encounter of condition guidelines. ‘Crossing The Bar’ is authentic poetry that eye lash on the modern individuals in politics. His viewpoint on the modern individuals in politics is value quoting:
“Morals as large As large woods Let no light in; The game is uncommon Monitoring loyalties For love.” (F.F, 16)
Another essential poetry ‘The No Guy’s Land’ provides the concept that independence has gotten no national modify in the way of lifestyle of the those who are residing the dark dungeon of problems, ignorant and privileges. The action of independence was brought up by the group but only few endowed men came forward to management. And when the projects and surrender of the group cause success those endowed few taken thrown around the planet and continuing verdict over the planet under the garb of democracy. So the poet seems right:
“Before the British came The place was not ours: After they staying, It was not ours too The place linked To those who rule; The others merely obtain The no male’s place.” (F.F., 19)
The third choice Viewpoints of Vacation has several believed invoking poetry in which the poet investigates the value of your efforts and energy and effort and effort and energy and effort as is examined from the actions improving from the give of materialism wedded to hypocrisy. The overall overall tone of the poet in this choice is satiric and ironical. In the poetry ‘History is A Sorry go round’ the poet wishes to propound that the scientists often ignore the value of the individuals at huge and they usually improve the actions of a few endowed men. The government sycophants have no other way of getting the websites of History. The scientists think that their execute in generating titles and tortures offer the cause of Nationwide unity and security and they are helped by government sycophants:
“Political sycophants are their allows On whose beguiling predictions They fire eat and execute The Japanese people individuals fire-walk reveals To attraction the already dazed.” (A.R, 40)
However government management and sycophants ignore that the tyrants and veins lollipops have to deal with a fall:
“Too much decrease and much politicking Ferments its own defeat Forcing the group to make In the smithy of their moral sensation The hidden weapons of their moral sensation The hidden weapons of their drop Fantastic bad on the foreheads of tyrants And obtaining distressing information On the crossroads periods.” (A.R.41)
‘Beggars can Be Choosers’ is a awesome poetry in which the poet increases his concern for the insufficient, desolate deceased and propounds that asking is not an evil as those that are harbored by trivial careerists, task devil cartels and cheating blackmarketeers. The beggars are away from as well as of pressure, disadvantage and lack of recognition and the poet concludes:
“All my relaxation technique Seemed a snarl to me And my reformist passion a celluloid attention Little acknowledging that beggars also can be choosers And little less apprehending The way we can misunderstand one another To keep our irrational kinds going That in unlimited fraud End the kinds of our success.” (A.R, 43)
Similarly, in another poetry ‘Thoughts on A Selection Day’ is another poetry of government attention in which the poet ridicules and reveals a very awesome and authentic picture of unaware voters and smart regulators as follows:
“The unaware voters in their routine Range up day-dreaming And in a attention of a second Get rid of their oscitant indecision Rubberized rubber stamping symptoms for men. With a few literates Ending illiterate prefers in steel containers And generating the incredibly satisfied quantity of analysis A quite guidelines over the polling offices Like the surviving obsolete from their obsequies.” (A.R., 46)
The wish for new government amazing things after such democratic phenomena in every five year is completely showed by the poet who wishes to say that Democracy is nothing but the distressing encounter oppression and disfavor.
The 4th choice of line Oneric Concepts eventually muses over the designs of condition guidelines wherein several items appropriate to government attention are propagate in the quantity. For example in the poetry ‘If One Begins Asking Issues like Hamlet’ the poet gives a recommendations to politics:
“The fan difficult beaches statues Of their short-term figures On the evanescent direction of times- Some whispering pattern Others revealing peace- Creating the common man To neck sun with sun-shades.” (O.V. 25)
In ‘Who is Terrified of Fear’ the poet’s concept about the wide range of evils that tell about you will of condition guidelines is indicated by the poet:
“Up improve the phantom of cartels Hoarders, hooligans and holy-idlers In a inexpensive london, uk companions rejection of their treason And activate the misshaped apparitions Of the men who preferred to concept Or the man who just couldn’t be men And like a Shikhandi covered The night of sin
Branding sun protest of gout joint disease Rounded with an aging wish Washing principles like beauty Scrapped by celebrities with awesome lotion.” (O.V., 35)
The Gandhian concept of non-violence is very well indicated in the poetry ‘Non-Niolence and Violence’. Like Gandhi, Bhatnagar seems that even non-violence has its limits:
“If one strikes you once I motivate him to do it again: If one needs off your outfits Together with to remove whatever remains.” (O.V., 35)
But it is not basically non-violence but a lack of information rather the poet suggests:
“With values flattened like balanced out offset umbrella One may keep them for a rainy day And exercise strike for fun But the old and wrinkly dialectic of strike Is a bit too lacklustre Putting the ikebana of terrifying Unrelieved and unpossessed Of any sensation of funny Really beneficial.” (O.V., 43)
The choice Eye dark areas in Floodlight has several poetry of information and declaration in which the poet becomes philosophical as well as methodical. In the poetry ‘Of Hardship, Extreme changes and Dreams’ the poet upholds rightly:
We cannot value poetry than its content Like vice more than its hygiene And issues act a wfore: For poetry in itself is a pattern Undreamt of in thought undreams.” (S.F., 17)
But in another poetry ‘The Living Scene’ the poet provides the picture of latest Indian saying:
“The residing scenery in my country Is value only for the stone vision Insensitive and powerful For our thoughts to begin up.” (SF,20)
And he adds:
“it’s a scenery where heaven and amazing Are combining into a palpable problem Experience overrunning independence Gangsterism food preparation privileges, State policies keeping pleasure careful Inaction to avoid believed.” (ibid)
The 6th choice The Sensible Landscapes has sufficient poetry appropriate to government attention in which the poet vocalizes and reveals the unique conditions of the Nation and its individuals. For example, the first poetry reveals the slavish attitude of the those who are ready to encounter without creating a sigh. The Nation has become coward and the problem is beyond all treatment. The poet says:
“The self enslaving slaves are made the decision By thankful feelings.” (AL, 9)
And he adds:
“When captivity is liked as a over mentioned statements to withstand Creating both Cervants and Dostoyevsky ineffective Conceits of cowards need no professional Nor independence a Marx or a Gandhi to get returning.”(p.9) He eye-catching decorative mirrors our scenario saying: “A hostage is more 100 % free than those Who have no independence even to wish.” (ibid)
Almost the identical overall overall tone is continuous in the next poetry ‘The Areas of Prison house Remain’. Bhatnagar writes:
“We’ve broken the shops of captivity The surfaces of prisonhouse stay.” (AL, 10)
The following sketch out from the poetry eye-catching decorative mirrors the conditions of the Indians:
“Our hopelessness is not because There is less pattern But little modify.”(ibid) Or: “Even now we look for management to follow God to provide us his grace: We’re afraid of talking about the fact And fighting whatever is unjust Nasty and broken in our cuboid tissue.”(ibid) What a fun it has that we have taken terms for fact unable to keep in mind all level of level of resistance and business presentation. Bhatnagar says: “Long caged in captivity We’ve become like event lions Not able of independence in feelings Became our own prisonwalls.” (.A.L. p.11)
The third poetry in the quantity ‘Can Information Be Damaged By Concepts, functions the fact which cannot be damaged by ideas the so known as cat condition guidelines cannot perform the encounter of protect up and go look for for for long periods. The poet writes:
“Yesterday they were the goals of the next day These days they are the remembrances of past- Areas to alternative heaven:
The unsheltered soothing in villas: Values to be as organization as mountains: With he hungry offering at the Taj- All this is record now of condition guidelines That improve country with problems such long.” (AL, 12)
The poet indicates saying:
“Even romantics are now fed up with goals Readt like Caligula to keep Let fight get returning to make up for the decrease In art turn content competitive to art.”(ibid)
In this choice there are extensive range of poetry like ‘Still Questions’, ‘The New Morality’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘On Seeing Rashtrapati Bhavan’, ‘Displacement More Spacious’, ‘That Space’ and ‘The Second Conversion’ in which the poet aspects out the foils and errors of our character and provides the summary of the having complications mankind and reveling a naked of latest way of lifestyle of nowadays Bhatnagar tries to modify the unique conditions and motivates us to fight against disfavor and discomfort. The last choice Chilling Flame of Night (2001) has also a wide range of poetry of government attention in which the poetry ‘The Janus Knowledgeable Politician’ is awesome. The poet starts saying:
“Who says it needs yellow-colored perspiration and having complications To become a head these effective days! It’s now faience with all imperfections To attraction the simple unequals With more amazing complications Way soothing day-dreams by faldage With incorrect blueprints of fain wishes.( CFD, 17)
The farcical encounter of Local indian native condition guidelines and the imposters known as individuals in politics are attracted by the poet so well. Bhatnagar yearnings us:
“So, notice a serious bandit A seasoned-green kidnapper A brilliant murderer: a high-fi smuggler A greater moving scamster Discuss glib on tv Or figure out his undercover changes To the twice notorious individuals Voting him to energy with little choice Democracy pushing its way to a farce. (CFD, 18)
The poetry ‘Ravaged Children of The Municipal Times’ reveals almost all the exterior conflicts on the planet where the individuals of the modern periods are more attended melanoma strike, sins and legal violations rather being ‘in the kind of the best advertising fiction:/ media blow-up on perspective on internet’. Political figures are like Cassius and Shakuni who are fixing far away designs of personal power-park and are ‘perambulating their uncertain goals.’ According to him, individuals in politics will never let the planet modify in its formerly wonder. He says:
“We’re ravaged of civil times- Our limping feelings have their own vexed truth:
Philosophers, physiologists or individuals in politics aside All launches end- find out their wonder in ashes: And sea cleaning themselves out Through all the mountain gashes. And Howsoever much hygiene may take a place the evaluate By fire and water: Assault will never losing its elegance The issues of hygiene their awesome give up. May be the come returning to the discomfort of middle Can be discovered through bestiality, sent all over the planet The composing in its credibility the same.” (CFD,14)
Likewise, in ‘The Primitives of The Age’, the poet envisions the more ghasty mishappenings and the over improving of the phantom of dirty politics:
“Come one, come all Come hyenas or canines The designed roots will normally energy Their trampled energy to fresh releases And withstand the grizzly undergrowth In a new beauty of their old beauty studios Tesing the civil in their
Much painful down difficult teeth.” (CFD,16)
In ‘Looking At My Solitude’ the poet tries to unburden himself from the agonies of your efforts and energy and effort and effort and energy and effort but finds relaxation nowhere and says:
“For the discomfort of it Viewpoint, music or poetry May only half-persuade the outstanding taste Have fun with the taste of relaxation In outstanding taste and trust: For, the distressing at best is able of switching Only less assaulted not more satisfying still.” (CFD, 36)
Thus, from the above narration it is revealed that Bhatnagar’s poetry is completely exempt from all the actions of Rightist or Leftist nor it has any regards with any particular technique or philosophy rather to a presentation of fact crystal-clearly and narration of fact in visual and highly. The Believe in of Bhatnagar’s poetry is really like and relaxation. His elegant creed is usually personal and kind. He seems to be a actual recommend of relaxation when he says:
“Poetry at its best is a apparent and a simple version of the complex and the confused for there is nothing more transcidental beyond the amazing relaxation of poetry. Poetry wins not by its snobbishness but by its relaxation. Simple poetry is the poetry of companionship. If more Local indian native individuals are to analysis poetry in British then it must get common and available and appropriate to the residing personal issues of the periods than simple to terms, animals, damsels and sex.” (FD, 122)
Therefore, we can say that Bhatnagar has managed the condition guidelines as metaphor in his poetry and his poetry has identified itself as the clarion get in touch with of attention in the existing milieu of government night.
oA.N. Dwevedi (ed.), Contemporary Indo British Line. Bareilly: Prakash Information Shop.1998. oV. K. Singh. ‘Silhouttes from Governmental & Financial Life’ The Poetry of O. P. Bhatnagar- A essential Evaluation. Under the assistance of Dr. T. K. Ramchandran, Published to Rohilkhand School, Bareilly,1992 oR.C. Sharma & Dolly Oswal, ‘O. P. Bhatnagar’s Therapies for Politics’, Agra School Book of Research. Vol.xxx, pt. 1, Jan.1982 oS. C. Bose, Vision & Speech. Vol.2, Ed. G. P. Baghmar, Nagpur; Vishwa Bharti Books. (Abbreviated as V. V.) oO. P. Bhatnagar(ed,) Increasing Columns-Some Local indian native Romantics in British.Amravati; Kala Prakashan. o——————————Thought Poems.Aligarh: Skylark Books. 1976,(Abbreviated as TP in the text) o——————————Feeling Previous .New Delhi: Samkaleen Prakashan., (Abbreviated as FF in the text) o—————————Angles of Vacation .New Delhi: Samkaleen Prakashan., (Abbreviated as AR in the text) o—————————-Oneric Concepts. Jaipur: Rachna Prakashan., (Abbreviated as OV in the text) o—————————–Shadows in Floodlights. Aligarh: Skylark Books.(Abbreviated as SF in the text) o——————————Audible Landscapes. Aligarh: Skylark Books.(Abbreviated as AL in the text) o—————————Cooling Flame of Night. New Delhi: Samkaleen Prakashan.,2001 (Abbreviated as CFD in the text) o—————————Future Directions- Local indian native Poetry in British Jaipur: Rachna Prakashan, (Abbreviated as FD in the text)

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