Efficiency Should Impress You – Not Political Ideas

Efficiency Should Impress You – Not Political Ideas

It must be presidential election time again because now all the candidates are coming out with all kinds of political ideas and more than one very smart leader of past periods has told his people that you should not be impressed with political ideas, but rather efficiency should impress you. Indeed, some of these political observers have told us that we must Attack corruption in order to make government fair and efficient. Now that’s a political idea I can sink my teeth into.

Right now the United States of America is wallowing in inefficiency and the reason is quite clear, it is because too many people and voters are demanding too much of the government and too many politicians had been sitting on top of podiums promising them the same. You should not be impressed with more rhetoric and political ideas.

Politicians have no business making promises or coming up with political idea is that do not decrease the bureaucracy and increase the efficiency.

Adding more government or more laws on top of what is already there will only impede and diminish the welfare of the citizens in our great nation. The only political idea I have ever heard in the last 30 years that was worth a darn, was made by a Californian, a small entrepreneur at the time.

He said now we need a red magic marker committee and that no new laws should be made until 10 old laws were taken off the books. The business community and the citizens love the idea but of course the bureaucrats and politicians didn’t it because it would take away their power base. Perhaps we need to backtrack and look at some of those ideas rather than listening to the political ideas of the podium pushers in their race to the White House.

Think on it.

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