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Information about Science News

Information about Science News is to provide a bridge between scientists and the public. disseminates scientific information, and strives to become a platform to discuss developments in science and benefits of the pursuit of science to society. There are millions of patients waiting to hear about ground breaking discoveries which may turn their life around for good. We are all waiting for the challenging discoveries which might make our life better and easier.


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Overzealous Political Endorsement Calls

Overzealous Political Endorsement Calls

In today’s era of targeted political marketing political endorsement calls are being used in record numbers to reach out to voters for a variety of reasons. Candidates use political endorsement calls to raise money from people who they believe will be sympathetic to their cause, as well as phone calls to voters whom they wish to sway. This all adds up to a huge number of phone calls from every candidate imaginable from every political party.

Although everyone is hit with political endorsement calls, not everyone is hit equally. For instance, if you have already donated the maximum amount of money to a campaign it is unlikely that you will receive further calls about making a contribution, however do not let your guard down because you will probably be receiving more phone calls of the political actions sort for volunteer work since the campaign knows that you are sympathetic to their cause.

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